Creative Play for Early Years from Imaginary Leaps
Creative Play for Early Years

"Caterpillars and Butterflies"

Through many years of experience in creating work specifically for Early Years, and training play enablers and educators in the North West, DNA have now created an integrated concept of performance and workshop. Children interact with the story told in performance and create their own retelling using sound, shadow, shape, colour and craft.

The session will enable:-

  • Personal, social and emotional development.
  • Communication, language and literacy.
  • Mathematical development.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world.
  • Physical development.
  • Creative development.

It is essential to have small groups (15 max) to aid the children's experience. The framework of the session allows children a chance to explore and experiment, whilst developing early years goals.

During the session, adults are also encouraged to share the child's experience, by assisting with crafting but sometimes just to sit back and observe.

The session will last for approximately 1 hour.

The group will be involved in the world of the caterpillar, experiencing its birth, life and transformation. Children will be counting, singing rhymes and songs, looking at foods, developing their speaking and listening skills.

The session will be performed and led by an experienced play enabler, aware of the children's needs and able to work the session through, sometimes led by children's responses and actions.

So within the framework of the story there will be lots of spontaneous play and fun, sometimes initiated by the puppets and performer, and often by the children.

"Role play is good for the imagination. Instead of being told what's right,
they can decide for themselves"
Children's Centre, parent