Creative Play for Early Years from Imaginary Leaps
Creative Play for Early Years

Movement & Dance Creative Play

Imaginary Leaps presents Early Years Dance Specialist Tids Pickard. Using dance as a focus for creativity and the magic of movement as a means of developing sensory and experiential engagement with young children, extending the imagination through movement-based play

As a Dance Professional, Tids has experience of working creatively with children using movement at the core. This includes facilitating creative dance activity for early years with Imaginary Leaps parent company DNA through performance and participation and Dare Dance, Cumbria.

Tids is currently actively researching the value of creativity in self-development and how best to facilitate creativity through her collaborative project, Your Move using materials, dance and live music to stimulate child-led creative play.

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Children's Centre, Fleetwood


"Dance is the song of the body."

Martha Graham