Creative Play for Early Years from Imaginary Leaps
Creative Play for Early Years

"Round and Round"

Hip Hip hooray!
Off we go to tumble and play.
Bobby's trip to the Ball pond takes 
us into another world,
as we dive deep down into
a child's imagination
In a world of round & round, 
Bobby plays up & down.

Through DNA's unique style of skilful puppetry, visual theatre, movement, rhymes & an originally composed soundtrack, this combination of devised performance and activities explores circular movement and the joy of play!

  • Play takes children out of themselves, to explore the world beyond what they are and what they know.
  • Play encourages imagination & creativity, play develops abstract thinking, which goes beyond the here and now.
  • Play helps children to know themselves, others and relate to the universe they inhabit.

    Further experiential learning is enhanced with books of the character Bobby and his magical journey available for children to take home after the interactive theatre play session.

"Simple yet magical, DNA not only entertained the children but also demonstrated a clear understanding of how they think"
- Simon Hollingworth, Lincoln Drill Hall

"Round and Round" was specially featured in
Early Years Magazine

With specially composed music by
Verbal Vigilante Music


Illustrations by Heather Berrill
Original Story by Rachel Riggs

"It was fantastic. So much better than a traditional show."
Children's Centre, parent