Creative Play for Early Years from Imaginary Leaps
Creative Play for Early Years

"Tissue Play"

A special session for all early years ages, exploring colour through movement and music. Children experience the elements in make believe play with white tissue becoming snow and red tissue fire.

Creating a story led by the little ones, we can scrunch, rip, tear and shred our tissue paper into animals, people and whatever they imagine!

At the end of the session, children have created their own unique 'scrunchy' puppet to extend their learning and development.

With specially composed music, this is a highly imaginative journey of play devised from DNA puppetry's successful international show ‘Atishoo!

An ideal theatre play session particularly for the Winter season or any time of year.

Recommended for 18 months and up.

This session can be for one hour or over a period of time to develop 'Tissue Play Tales' (see below)

All materials included.

Sponsored by Roach Bridge Tissues

Early Years Foundation Stages Learning objectives include

  • To experience colour
  • To explore media and materials
  • To assist creativity and critical thinking
  • To help children to make connections in their learning by linking free play to adult led activities.
  • Encourage creativity and opportunities for all children to link their ideas to new situations.
  • Tell stories that present different possibilities within familiar situations to stimulate children to make new connections.

    Further Adventures with Tissue Play Tales

    Over a series of sessions in an EY setting, children can develop a further exploration through play with coloured tissue paper called ‘Tissue Play Tales’. This child initiated project, leading through their own story making, is facilitated by an Imaginary Leaps artist's creative practice. A child told me (Rachel) it would be good to read their own stories, as in a picture book. Within our sustained shared thinking, this process can be supported by helping them make connections in their learning. So as a project extension, I organised for the stories to be illustrated by Heather Berrill, our children’s illustration artist and the text was decided and printed, so the children had their very own ‘Tissue Play Tales’ book.


    This legacy enabled them to share the stories they had created with their parents, carer’s and family members.The book is a provision in the setting and is accessible as a resource for the EY providers to retell, as well as for the children to communicate confidently. As a child led project ‘Tissue Play Tales’ was effective in its ability to promote positive behaviour, for example respect for books, and letting the children explore their emotional and social skills of communication. The book is a validation of children as confident creators and helps adults to understand the achievement of the stories they tell. It is also effective in promoting literacy, by positively modelling their stories are equally as valid as an adult written story in a book.

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