Creative Play for Early Years from Imaginary Leaps
Creative Play for Early Years

"Mrs. Teapot's Transformational Object Play"

‘Theatre is transformation. It is a vision created by
an artist…transforming…himself or a puppet or even an object
into an imagined character’
Henryk Jurkowski

Puppetry in early years education has traditionally been about crafting techniques, most of which are standard practice. In DNA’s creative processes, we use objects and materials to stimulate creative play and extend further the active learning experiences developed by the use of creative play kits e.g. treasure baskets - Heuristic play.

In this theatre play session, children are encouraged to look at everyday objects in a completely new way, mixing their ordinary functional purpose with extraordinary behaviours and personalities, becoming little creatures and characters.
Storytelling, nursery and nonsense rhymes emerge and play becomes heightened creative learning.

This is a particularly good session for family interaction between different ages and generations.

Recommended for 2 - 5 year olds.

"Creativity is about taking risks and making connections and is strongly linked to play."  - EYF Guidelines

When the child sees the joy and interest the adult facilitator takes in playing with an object and joins in with the play, exciting transformational processes can take place, which extend the imagination, and aid development. 

An emotional connection creates an intimate journey together, with a complex series of symbols and language, which assist in learning.

An ideal theatre play session for the Winter season.

‘They can see that everyday objects can be seen as different things.
It was great fun."’

Children's Centre, parent